Coaching Your way Out


To go on like this...

There is always a reason to drink and consume today. So what, you're not addicted. Maybe you need a little too much now and then. But if you want, you can just stop for a while tomorrow. Start over with a clean slate. Well, tomorrow...You make it dependent on this shareholders meeting or the outcome of this lawsuit. What the'll just cut back on consumption a bit on your next family vacation then...right?!

Do you recognize yourself here?


Do you recognize this hesitation in yourself? Denial of an addiction. Do people around you think you need to stop drinking wine, beer, whiskey, gin or other alcohol, as well as combining it with cocaine or other drugs? Are you already losing people important to you? Do YOU want to stop? ... away from drugs?

Then read on. Or maybe you know someone who (still) means a lot to you. A person who is losing him- or herself in alcohol or drugs? Someone who needs professional help to get and stay sober and clean? Here's the solution.


Without: long-term in a clinic.

You have to work, perform measurably. Prove you're alert, energetic and innovative. To the company, the media, family and friends. You absolutely cannot afford to spend a month in a rehabilitation clinic. Plus, you don't need hours-long of group sessions with strangers, either.

Instead: a 6-day exclusive private coaching program.

So you WANT to fight your alcohol and/or drug addiction? Quickly, exclusively and effectively? Then we are the solution for you.

BLC - Bart Luchsinger Clinics offers you a 6-day intensive program. Discreet and personal (just you and us). For support, a third person can be involved in the sessions if desired or needed.

During the program you will stay in a hotel or private chalet on the Costa Blanca. Spain*. A place so special that it supports and sustains you in a special way in the fight against your addiction. This special place, in the middle of nature in a Mediterranean ambience, far away from the usual environment, enables and supports your new start in an optimal way.

*After consultation, another location, such as the Swiss mountains, is also possible.

Talking and moving

In fact, the six days are dedicated to an intensive, in-depth self-analysis, through which you will get to know your true personality and rediscover and consolidate the best version of yourself. The new you, is the foundation for lasting recovery.

The six intensive days at BLC, can be combined with a sports activity. Think for example of walking (with or without dogs), hiking, sailing, motorcycling, horseback riding, golf, etc. 

Such activities are integral parts of the program and provide a pleasant framework.

Bart Luchsinger Clinics is special in everything. Therefore, by mutual agreement, almost anything is possible. The only goal is that after six days you have both the insight and the tools to stay sober/clean/addiction free. Regardless of whether your problem is drinking, drugs (all types of intoxicants including marijuana/hashish), social media, gaming/gambling, or sex and relationships (or a combination thereof).

To date, we have always been able to do this together - the prerequisite is that the will is there. We find that out through our initial consultation.

Team and support

The Bart Luchsinger Clinics team consists of Bart himself, as well as Robert.

In addition, BLC has excellent connections with various medical facilities, service providers, doctors and the hospital in Denia.

About Bart Munniks de Jongh Luchsinger

Bart Munniks de Jongh Luchsinger (1952) was an entrepreneur and radio and television producer and was surprised one day by a radio interview with Don Schothorst (2004). Schothorst told how he had recovered from his addictions thanks to a model not yet known in the Netherlands. Since Bart himself once struggled with various addictions and fought and has beaten them with great difficulty, the interview was an eye-opener for him. His interest was piqued. He studied this form of therapy extensively and specialized in it. Over the years he has refined and perfected this unique program. Since then, he has been working very successfully in addiction therapy. In 2015, he brought Robert to his side, who is an important part of the team. Through him, the succession and continued existence of BLC is guaranteed.

About Robert van Herwaarden

Robert van Herwaarden (1965) is a consultant and experience expert. He was the first financial expert in the Netherlands and an entrepreneur in the international real estate business. He studied law by way of a 2nd degree and then worked as a self-employed lawyer with his own law firm. Today he works as a legal and business consultant and completes BLC. Robert also had a time when he struggled with addiction. This is how he came to Bart. Robert was the first to successfully complete the 6-day program. That was in 2015, and since then these two personalities have complemented and completed each other so perfectly that they have been running BLC side by side and serving clients as an inseparable duo ever since.